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Why Choose TowBoatUS?

Tow Boat US Lake St Clair is proud to be a part of TowBoatUS, the largest fleet of professionally equipped towing companies in the country. TowBoatUS members can take advantage of more than 25 member benefits and a nationwide towing network -wherever you boat, you are covered. Members have unlimited 24/7 access to emergency towing, ungrounding assistance, fuel delivery and battery jump starts. Tow Boat US Lake St Clair recommends the following BoatUS tow service options.

Non Member Cancellation:
Once our captains is dispatched after payment information has been secured, this is a non cancellable service


$109.00 Annually
Includes your BoatUS Membership

TowBoatUS Unlimited Towing provides 100% payment for an emergency “at sea” tow to your home dock or repair facility, and 50% payment for a dock-to-dock which is a tow from your home dock or mooring to the repair facility of your choice. Soft ungrounding, fuel delivery and jump start services also are included. Our goal is to make a bad boating day just a little easier for everyone onboard.


$215.00 Annually
Includes your BoatUS Membership

In addition to all of the benefits included in Unlimited Towing, Unlimited Gold increases dock-to-dock towing coverage to 100% payment for a tow from your home dock or mooring to a repair facility. Those who own larger boats that cannot be trailered or those who keep their boats in the water with no access to service really benefit from this extra coverage.

GOLD Membership covers salt water too and increases the towing limit from
$2500 per incident (under Unlimited Captains Coverage or 225-mile tow radius to $3,000 per incident or a 30-mile tow radius. GOLD members are covered in all of the waters in the Great Lakes, Pacific, Atlantic Ocean and some fresh waters too that are not part of the Great Lakes.
This membership covers all of the customer’s watercraft that they own, charter or borrows vs only covering one boat — This membership is designed to protect you in any of the watercraft that you are on