586-783-7700 or VHF 16 sherry@towboatuslakestclair.com
Captain Ed

Hi, I’m Captain Ed Johnsick.   I am a retired carpenter and started a new career doing something I really enjoy being on the water again!   I have a 100 ton masters license with a towing endorsement and an Upon Near Coastal Waters. This is my second year with TowBoatU.S. Lake St. Clair.   I have been around the water my whole life and have the sea in my blood! I started out at 18 as a merchant marine, it started when I went to Seafarers International school of seamanship in Piney Point Maryland back in 1981.  I have sailed Deep sea, ocean going tug boats and lake Freighters mostly in the Deck Department but have sailed in the Engine Department as well. I did that until I got married and my wife put an end to that great career. I once was on a tanker that crewed up in Tampa Florida.  We sailed through the Panama Canal then made several stops on the West coast then went over to the Middle East made several more stops then through the Suez Canal, past the rock of Gibraltar, across the pond to Corpus Christi Texas, a complete trip around the world.

I am also a salvage diver for TowBoatUS Lake St Clair.   I have numerous diving certificates, rescue diver, swift water rescue. advanced deco, advanced nitrox. Deep water, rapid deployment.   I was a member of the St. Clair County Sheriff Dive rescue team for 8 years. I do most of my diving in the St. Clair River. I love being below the water almost as much as being on it.


What I like about TowboatU.S. Lake St. Clair is their equipment!  Everything is top notch and their vessels are clean and well maintained.