Captain Jeff

Captain Jeff

Captain Jeff Fuller

Age: 47   Married with 2 children

Boat Captain with Master, Tow and Sail endorsement ratings.

TowBoat US Captain on Lake St. Clair for 4 years running.

I have been a boater my whole life. I was born in South Kingstown, RI and as a kid, I was able to ride my bike down to the marina, where my father had our family owned 30 foot sailboat moored in the harbor. I started out sailing the Atlantic Ocean at a very early age cruising and racing on both small dinghies and large ocean racers when I was very young. I actually won my first sailboat race at the age of 10 as skipper of a 470 during a dinghy regatta.

Later on, my parent’s relocated to the Midwest and I found a new boating arena in the Great Lakes. During my High School and college years, I discovered the lure of racing with some of the various yacht clubs in the Detroit area. I was involved in both the Port Huron to Mackinac and Chicago to Mackinac Island races held each summer plus all the local race events held weekly on Lake St. Clair. After a military stint serving in the United States Army, I came back to the Midwest and resumed boating on Lake St. Clair and purchased my first boat with my family. We are now on our second boat and continue to own and operate a 28 foot Sea Ray on Lake St. Clair today. With all the boating and sailing opportunities available in the great State of Michigan, it was only logical to get my Captain’s License. I had originally intended to use it for the delivery of sailboats around the Great Lakes for the various big boat races, but then I discovered TowBoat US Lake St. Clair based in Harrison Township, MI.

I enjoy the opportunities TowBoat US affords me as a licensed Captain to get out and help boat operators that have found themselves in some sort of predicament on the Lakes. Just when I thought I had a fair knowledge of boating and what can happen to a boater, whether motor or sail, I come across a situation that makes me realize that you always can learn something new every day. These experiences have allowed me the opportunity to become a better boat Captain and hopefully educate the boating public that utilizes these Great Lakes from day to day.


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May 15, 2015