When making your choice, keep in mind:

Commercial towing companies charge based on “Portal-to-Portal”. In simplest terms, they charge from the time they leave their port until the time that they return. These charges average $250 per hour! The distance you breakdown from your home port isn’t important. It is the distance you breakdown from the towers homeport that matters. So, even if you only boat close to your port, if the tower’s port is 10 miles away, your cost could exceed the expected.


In addition to “Portal-to-Portal” and hourly towing charges, if you find yourself bumped onto a sandbar, Soft ungroundings does not apply to non members and would be covered under salvage. The ungrounding fee is NOT based on the time it takes to pull you free, but rather the length of your boat.

It all adds up: Let’s look at a scenario – You run soft aground 15 miles from the TowBoat U.S. home port in your 24 foot vessel.


Non-Member Rates (EXAMPLE):
Time (portal to portal)                          Rate / Cost
1.5 hours to scene                                   $250.00 per hour                 $375.00
10 minute ungrounding                         24ft @ $150.00 per foot     $3600.00
1.5 hours return time                              $275.00 per hour (night)   $412.50

              Total Cost    $4387.50

                            With  UNLIMITED TOWING, your cost is $0!